I'm a product of the Cleveland Institute of Art ('69). I got my BFA in Industrial Design with a minor in Graphics. I started out wanting to be a "real" artist, but being married with two kids when I entered my third year, I visited reality. I also got a job at the Plain Dealer where I could work evenings, school in the day and freelance on the weekends. 

Upon graduation I moved the family to Detroit where I began my short two year career as an auto designer at Ford. It was , I was told, a dream job for any red-blooded American male. I started out in the advanced concept studio where the designs for the show cars, racing and generally fun stuff happens. Yeah, I loved it, but there was the name Ford on all the cars. The Plain Dealer called me and offered me a position as picture editor. With my ego leading the way, I said yes. This relationship was like a edgy marriage, I was there for 18 years. I left as the graphics editor and syndicated with the Los Angles Times OpEd group.

Thus the independent Ed went on to establish Freska Graphics. Along the way, until recently, I was also the editorial cartoonist for the Sun News group. As an artist/graphics guy, it seemed I did "it all."  Newspaper and publication design, logos, annual reports, magazine and book illustration, caricatures, and all sorts of stuff that I could sign my name to. I don't know how to stop ...  nor do I want to.
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